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Hulbert Lake

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Street: South Hulbert Rd Hulbert Michigan
Zip Code: 49748
County: Chippewa

Hulbert Lake Lodge, Hulbert Michigan

  Hulbert lake Lodge  

It has rained every day since we have been here. Playing a lot of games, checkers and cards. The weatherman says it will start to clear up on Thursday. Looking forward to some serious fishing out on the lake and getting out of the cabin.

All the best to you,

The Clarks


The Lake From Hulbert Lake Lodge, Hulbert Michigan

  Hulbert lake  

The weather has turned nice, has been sunny and warmer the last few days. So thankful for that change. The fish are biting, and we are able to eat outside on the picnic tables. Tomorrow, we hope to join some new friends on a hiking trip. See you soon.

The Clarks

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