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Conover Lake

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Street: 120th St Sand Lake Michigan
Zip Code: 49343
County: Newaygo
Longitude: -85.578687
Latitude: 43.340189
  • Private

Acreage: 69

conoverlakeConover Lake is located in Newaygo County’s Ensley Township. Just north of Baptist Lake and Englewright Lake, this 69 acre lake is privately owned and is completely fenced off. The Conover Lake property is adjacent to the Pilgrims Run Golf Course.

I can understand that a property owner desires his property to be secure and wants to discourage trespassing. I think anyone who owns land has that interest. But a couple of strands of barbed wire seems a little much for Michigan real estate. It reminds me of a construction site or a prison compound.  Are fences to keep people out, or to keep them in?

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